Who are we?

We are a bunch of engineers, designers, analysts, scientists, technicians, marketeers, and managers who are inherently curious, excited about solving real life problems, and eager to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty building great products. For a start we are building a smart electric scooter.  

What do we look for in people we hire?

Obviously we look for the cliched stuff – passion and all of that. However we think it makes sense for us, and definitely for you, if we throw some light on what we mean by these terms.

Passion : Translated to crazy obsession to your work – We look out for people who are crazily passionate about their work. Let’s be honest, things will only work out if you can pour your heart into it. Work is tough and demanding here. We like to talk to people who understand their responsibilities, can deliver, and don’t need a wake up call every alternate week. This one is non-negotiable.

Intelligence : Translated to domain knowledge/technical capability. We are building the best electric vehicles. A lot of things at a sub-system level involve concepts most people wouldn’t have worked on before. That’s okay. But what we do not compromise on is good cognitive ability and strong fundamentals.

Skill: It’s a given that every individual comes in with a different level of skill sets. But if you get through 1 & 2, and have the basic skills for the role you are assigned to, we are absolutely fine with it. If you love your work and have the sufficient intelligence we are confident about you.

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